Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project Runway Finale

Mondo won. MONDOWON!!!!! Now I'm less bitter that Gretchen won his season bc he's proved himself against all the other PR heavy weights. This season was genius. For a moment I've forgotten what the old seasons were like, then I remember that since its move to Lifetime PR has only had one good season: Mondo's.
I want to make this tomorrow!

The first season on Lifetime was the worst in PR history with the most terrible group of talent and the dumbest everything. I hardly remember anything from that season except they moved it to L.A. and the winner was a some woman whose family is from Jordan, everything else is underwhelmingly forgettable.

Then they moved back to NYC and we met Mondo! And there was Michael C and the other Michael that did all knits and that glorious hat challenge and evil evil Gretchen and crazy Ivy and the episode with the teams that could be a thesis paper on its parallels with WWII. Such a great season! No wonder Michael C, April, and Mondo all made it to All Stars.

Then there was Anya. BOO! There was a law past in the 50s preventing game shows from rigging their contestants and results and I think it should apply to reality shows bc Anya was terrible and the entire season was catered to keep her in the game, and then the finale was changed to give her a second chance bc she did nothing with the three months they gave her. Ug. I wasn't over the moon for Victor, but I really loved his stuff and felt like his original collection before they decided to give them more money and time for Anya's sake would have won.

Then there was All Stars. Lovely All Stars where we didn't have to worry about whether or not they could sew, or worry about getting to know the designers. We already knew them, we already loved them or we already hated them. I'm sad this season is over. It was like the much anticipated sequel to Mondo Part 1. I watched After the Runway following the finale and they showed Mondo's collections from his season and this one and the difference and growth was fabulous. It doesn't really make sense to have another All Stars for years, so here's hoping the next season goes back to the pre-Lifetime/Mondo type loveliness we expect. And Tim and Heidi will be back! New season this summer.

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  1. So I watched a few (travis HATES the show) and can't figure out for the life of me how they picked the "all stars" I loved MONDO, but Michael C, he never should have come back during his original season, let alone be an all star. I'm glad Mondo won.