Monday, March 26, 2012

Titanic US air dates

ABC will be broadcasting Julian Fellowes' Titanic which premiered on ITV1 this weekend, to lack luster reviews. The four part series will be shown two parts at a time on Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th on ABC at 8/7c. Reviews in the UK for the first episode described the show as having too many characters to follow leading to not caring about any of them. Tellyspotting wasn't so hard on it, and I don't think I, or the American public will be either.

As it usually happens, I think epic mini-series like this spend the first episode introducing characters so that not that much really happens. The first hour is always Jane Eyre's bleak and rather boring, but necessary childhood. The one upside for being a US viewer is that on the whole PBS, and now it seems ABC, will give us the first two episodes as one so we can go straight into the happening of stuff. I'm surprised ABC hasn't started the TV promos for this, have you seen them? They do however have a website, with episode descriptions I've learned not to read beforehand. Are you excited for this? I'm prepared to be totally devastated by the end of it.

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