Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Doctor Who Companion Announced!

Karen Gillian (who's only a month older than me and the same height!) is leaving Doctor Who sometime during the upcoming season which started filming in Wales last month. Head writer Steven Moffat has announced that Jenna-Louise Coleman will become the Doctor's new companion during next year's Christmas episode leading into the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Coleman will be recognized in the upcoming Julian Fellowes' Titanic. 
BBC article here.

This just makes me miss Donna. You'd think I'd identify and enjoy watching a companion that's my own age, but I miss the chemistry a Donna type had with the Doctor, although I do imagine Catherine Tate and David Tennant's age differences are similar to Matt Smith's and these women. Oh well. Really I just pine for the good ol' 10th days. I have nothing against Matt Smith's Doctor, nor the writing in general for his seasons, I just miss 10's personality. The Doctor has moved to a different place. Matt Smith's Doctor is a different and more detached Doctor where Tennant was so empathetic and caring. Moving from the last episodes of 10 into 11 it's understandable that 11 has become more distant and disconnected from his companions and reality. He just sort of runs about doesn't he?

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