Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taran Killam

My sister and I have been noticing this unassuming SNL cast member creeping slowly into our hearts, so on last week's episode when he starred in what we're pretty sure was his first cold open as Rush Limbaugh we were so happy for him!
well done, Taran
Plays Japanese/American Jonathan Cavanaugh-san on J-Pop America Fun Time Now.

ah HA
 Great as Prince Charming in "The Real Housewives of Disney".

with Jean Dujardin

Plays Francois in "Les Jeunes De Paris"

He also did great as Michael Cera in the Zoey Deschanel episode. He's just one of my new faves.

I doubt he'll ever reach Jason Sudeikis status, but who really can?


  1. My fave is when he was Michael Cera, I could not stop laughing!!

  2. He is definitely the next big thing! Also an awesome Kutcher and Brad Pitt! (I swear he can do anything) :)