Friday, February 15, 2013

Nightmare Jobs Part I

I'm recycling most of this from my old blog.

I realized that this is the longest I've gone without working in theatre for five and a half years. And I hate it. I'm literally wasting away. I never want this to be the case again.

As bad as it is without theatre, I'm still sewing regularly and working a job that's kind of like what I do in theatre. And it's not forever.

These however, are jobs I consider among my worst nightmares.

sous chef- they just get yelled at right? and I'd always be cutting myself, and I'm not a big enough foodie to do well.
semi truck driver- I get nervous driving big things, which will be perfect this summer...also, my butt would always be numb bc I have no natural padding
old-timey pin maker- I saw a History's Worst Jobs on old-timey pin making. It's the worst.
arctic fisherman- I'm not strong enough, I don't like being wet, drowning is not a great idea, being cold is not a favorite, I feel like I'd never get to look cute.
jail guard- pretty self explanatory?
surgeon- I don't think I'm a fan of blood, nor cutting into things that bleed, nor the education necessary, nor the responsibility
highway worker- terrible hours, sun exposure, and not cute


actor- this I'm on the fence about. Out of the very little acting I've done I was told I was good, but it made me feel awkward and terrible and on edge the entire time. Not fun. BUT, I've always wanted to be good at acting/perform. I'm not sure I'd get stage fright or not, I'm pretty sure I would. My deal with acting is that I don't like saying someone else's words. You're supposed to make them yours and all that, but I don't feel comfortable, and have a terrible time interpreting what someone else has written for me to say. I like being myself a whole bunch and so have trouble not being me. So it makes me extremely awkward to act, but I really want to...

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