Sunday, February 10, 2013

Downton Abbey 3:6

:::I haven't been able to watch the opening without imagining a Swiffer since the BBC's very first spoof of Upstairs Downton Abbey.
:::If my husband had just gotten out of jail we'd make out HARD CORE in the backseat. No doubt. If I had a husband we'd just make out all the time, never mind jail time.
:::I feel like Robert never gets to finish his breakfast. He's always outraged enough to leave in a huff, caring his letters.
:::Way to tell Alfred, Daisy! I also love that tallness is such an asset to footmen.
:::Whenever I put lotion on my hands I always try to ring them like the fine ladies do on Downton. It's always a good filler action for the end of a conversation with Anna or the beginning of one with Matthew.
:::There was definitely a sexy saxophone going into the Thomas/James scene.
:::What was Thomas' thought process with the peace offering toast the next morning at breakfast?
:::I recognize the newspaper man...
:::Tom's brother looks like a mix of Tom and Toby Jones.
:::Pffft...Matthew, you can make me as untidy as it pleases you.
:::Also, Matthew does not look like a good kisser.
:::I was confused by the mourning dress in this one. Is there a different code for evening dress? They went into half mourning quite nicely, but I feel like in general things got a little muddled.
:::Violet to Isobel "I know how you hate facing facts". THANK YOU! This sums up my beef with Cousin Isobel. She lives in her own little self righteous world. And however much Violet wanted Ethel away for the sake of the neighborhood, it really was a good move for her, sparked by Violet's seeing Ethel's misery.
:::Cora's black embroidered day dress was to die for.
:::Family outing to the dodgey nightclub! Shotgun!
:::Get it done, Matthew! You sort out Rose.
:::Also, I zoned out during Violet's explanation of who the heck Rose is, so I'm still a little fuzzy.
:::Rose's wig=not great.
:::Edith's emerald and ivory ensemble is pretty fabulous. She looked down right pretty in that scene.
:::And by "that scene" I mean the Mr. Rochester/Bertha defense. Old hat, Mr. Fellowes.
:::The village team had rather the handsome ginger bowler.
:::Only the British would play their national sport in sweater vests and white shoes.

Gregson is Yates in Mansfield Park!

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  1. I agree: I was really confused when Mary started wearing red. And I think I was multi-tasking when Violet explained who Rose was, so I missed it too.