Thursday, February 28, 2013

...Favorite Picture? Yes. Favorite picture: Favorite Oscar Moment

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, or really had an original idea in awhile.

Mostly I've been dealing with life things. Suffice it to say life is happening and I'm trimming my sails to get where I want it to take me.

I've got my Merlot/Lace all done but two buttons which are currently sold out at the store, boo. I don't want to post pictures until I'm in NYC. I haven't decided when to wear it yet. I have some important meetings/tours/occasions for dresses, but I don't think it'd be wise to wear it five days out of eight.

Hmm..can you tell this is one of my entries where I make myself start a new entry without knowing what it'll actually be about?

Ok, I'll just share this as one of my favorite pictures. I posted it on Facebook, but I want everyone to enjoy it.

This was one of my favorite moments from the Oscars, mostly because Charlize Theron is my girl crush like woah. She's 5'10" (I'm taller) and Dustin Hoffman is 5'5". She's obviously in heels, but has no shame about being roughly 10" taller than Mr. Hoffman. Stand tall beautiful lady! And Dustin Hoffman's such a boss he rocks all 5'5"and makes her laugh, like he do.

I try my darndest not to slouch and I have no shame in wearing heels. Charlize Theron is my idol. I loved this moment and never wanted it to end. 

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