Monday, February 4, 2013

Merlot/Lace: it's the inside that counts

Sort of...I mean the outside needs to look nice, but I'm really doing a bang up job on this lining. I so rarely have the time or the necessity for a nice lining. Not cutting any corners with this job. The only exposed seams are French, and the kind of exposed facing seams are going to be pinked. Everything else is completely enclosed. Here are pics of the lining and a shot of the back bc I realize I haven't posted a picture of it yet. It's hard to get the back to look good on the form bc the dress is so crooked and the form is so short. This is what you get. And it's the inside. Bet you couldn't tell but for the favored collar.

So yeah, basically did the sleeves today. Haven't finished slipping the second closed. Tomorrow I'll slip the bodice shut then either a break or straight on to the buttonholes!

FYI: I've worked up to the end of Season 5 of Doctor Who since Christmas. Into the Matt Smith seasons I realize my mood during the day is completely different because of his influence. It's a completely different show. If not for the Ponds I'd really be out of it. And Van Gogh. Such. A. GREAT. Episode!

Confession: I kind of skipped the Pandorica this is the first time I'll watch them....I bet a lot more about season 6 will make sense.
slipping the sleeve lining in, no serging for me!

this is the inside. Check out those sharp seams!


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