Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Merlot/Lace: all but the hem and buttons

I closed up the bodice yesterday and got the hem turned, stitched, pressed and pinned. I'll see about hemming it tonight or tomorrow. The back panel where the buttons/button holes will go has been stretching...I interfaced the facing to try and stabilize it a bit. The facing is stable...and puckery. Any future suggestions for stabilizing a facing in a flowy fabric without making it look stiff/interfacing the fashion fabric? I feel like short of fusing something to the fashion fabric this was inevitable.

I'm very happy with the sleeves. some of my best. The real magic is in the back though...so we'll see how that all works out as I haven't gotten a chance to look at it yet... For all I know it's all wrong.


  1. Knit interfacing might work a bit better, or a very light non iron on. You'd have to experiment. Maybe you could use self fabric cut on the cross grain as interfacing? It could help reduce stretching...in theory.

  2. Going as a pioneer for Halloween?