Sunday, February 3, 2013

Downton Abbey 3:5

Is it me or did NOTHING happen this week?

:::Robert is being kind of obnoxious, which is nothing new since the maid last season.
:::Cora is just wanting someone to blame and so Dr. Clarkson's chat at the end was good.
:::I feel like Robert would be much more open to Matthew's help if all of the things weren't happening at once. Remember he was very keen on getting Matthew involved at one point. I think he's too used to his own way and is upset that the end of the War hasn't restored it to him.
:::Violet talking about hearts was amazing.
:::Mr. Carson telling Mrs. Hughes he knows she'll never desert him was nice.
:::Yay Ethel, you can cook.
:::Ivy, oh Ivy...
:::Alfred, oh Alfred...
:::Daisy needs to work the farm and get a better life. Mr. Mason was really right about everything he said, as long as he realizes farming will change as well.
:::Mary and Matthew say they need to work on their relationship, but I doubt their actions will agree.
:::Was it just my TV, or did the lighting during Mary and Matthew's pillow talk make them look dead? Like straight up Sybil post seizures blue? Oh! Too soon?
:::My mom doesn't know the whole Thomas and O'Brien story and was very upset O'Brien told Thomas that Jimmy has a crush on him. The evil never ends.
:::Can you really employ Thomas for however long Bates has been in jail and then just kick him out? I don't know what to do about it, but I feel like it's a really bum deal.
:::Yeah...there was a lot of talking this episode. Next week should have some ACTION!

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