Sunday, February 17, 2013

Downton Abbey 3:7

:::Violet's travel suit in all that velvet with that hat was killer.
:::All of the bagpipes!
:::Dear Isobel, no one wants your advice, and your dinners with just Branson are awkward.
:::I hate all new maids. It should have just stayed as Anna and the ginger whom I can't even remember the name of now...
:::Bates got some Altoids for the smoker breath.
:::"My basic fact is that I love you". MUCH better line than any of Matthew's in this episode about seeing someone naked meaning you know how golden their soul is.
:::They are wearing deerstalkers to deer stalk.
:::I want a fancy man. Taking applications.
:::Deerstalker Trail: "You have shot 1400 lbs of meat, but the pack horses can only carry 200 lbs."
:::Lighthearted picnic Bates was nice. Am I the only one that thought Anna dancing was not enough of a payoff for all of that surprising? I mean, I thought she was pregnant, or at least going to get Bates drunk to get her pregnant.
:::There are so many guns and swords in Scotland...
:::Ivy and Daisy being friends, how nice.
:::Carson and a baby. DEAD.
:::Bates watching Anna dance, he's finally got the twinkle back he hasn't had since like episode 3 of season one.
:::I can't tell you how many proposals I've had to turn down because they just wanted me for my cooking.
:::Oh Branson, I will cradle you when you cry...But not in an awful Edna way...and not while I look at you, bc you one ugly crier son!
:::Cora's coat when she's leaving the castle. got to be kidding me.
:::Oh Thomas.

So...I knew that Dan Stevens didn't sign on for a 4th I knew he was going to die, and so the entire episode I was waiting for it. So, yes, I am in shock, but not that bad. Sorrynotsorry.

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