Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just an update

I've been trying to do entries with less pictures off of Google, and more exclusively pictures I own. You'll also notice I have a lot of recent wordy entries. Because of this my blog's getting less hits because it's not as prevalent on Google searches anymore. And that's ok. My numbers are way down, but I can see that they are pretty solid just from my friends wanting to see what I have to say.

So, as an update:

I'm still working away at my job. I think I finally made commission!

I'm less than 3 weeks away from NYC and I'm SO excited!

This week brought some very happy and some rather jarring changes to my life! I got engaged!!! NO. I DID NOT. THAT WAS A JOKE. Funny huh?

I'll have an announcement on my website soon. 

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