Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cutting back

Technology is great, but I sit with Facebook open and just stare at it. I used to get off the internet if it stopped entertaining me. Now I click on each of my bookmarks over and over thinking something new and interesting will have appeared since the last time I clicked on it. I'm also too attached to texting. I wouldn't say I text more than the average person my age, but I get kind of anxious if I get a text and don't respond RIGHT AWAY, or if I haven't checked for texts in awhile. When life isn't in the balance this is ridiculous.


I've turned off Facebook chat so I stop staring at the green squares waiting to message or be messaged, thinking that if nothing else I can watch who's on change over the course of ten minutes. If you want to real time chat with me I might hop on on my phone, or try to message me anyway, we'll see if I'm on.

I'm going to try to get off of Facebook when it has ceased to be useful for the time being. No more just sitting there.

If I've watched my Hulu queue and am not into anything on Netflix I'll get off my computer.

I won't open texts during church (I never touch my phone during Sacrament meeting, trust me), I won't check for texts while driving (I never actually text while driving). I won't retrieve my phone from other parts of the house to check for texts if I'm not expecting any.

Yes you can still message me, and text me, and call me and all of the things, but on my end I'm going to try to not be so frantic about it. I should probably read a book or something. If I'm sewing or randomly working away I don't need to reply to media immediately.

So, DO keep in touch, just know that I'm working at not being controlled by my immediate need to respond to social media. 

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