Sunday, January 15, 2012

Downton Abbey 2:2

It's so late and I'm so tired, but here it is...

-Thomas has a weird chubby/babyface but super handsome thing going on.
-Isobel is cheesing me off, even though she probs shouldn't be.
-Has Edith finally found a noble way to be out of everybody's way?
-Mary has redeemed herself from last season x10.
-I wish there was more dirt on Lavinia.
-Dame Maggie had some great great lines in this one.
-I do feel like we are keeping track of so many characters by now we spend very little time with any one of them.
-If you agreed to let your house be a hospital I don't know that you should be so put out by your house being a hospital.
-Aunt Rosamund is so obnoxious.
-I really want to webcam my roommate and I watching so you can see our reactions, esp to the "up next" part at the end.
-Bates is a good good man.
-Matthew is getting so so handsome.
-I still think William is going to die.
-Oh poor Mr. Lang. But when he leaves Mr. Bates has to come back!
-I'm so confused by O'Brian. She's trying to find a way to live with what she did to Lady Grantham by keeping her in charge of the house, but she's bringing Thomas back and it's all so strange.
-William hugging Daisy is a like Gandolf hugging Frodo.
-Branson needs to cool it so he can be with Sybil, but she's totally above the whole romance thing. Even if she does consider going away with him, I don't think she will.

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