Monday, January 23, 2012

Downton Abbey 2:3

-Bates is back, ballin'
-Anna and Bates don't kiss now that he's playin' it safe about the divorce, it's rather endearing.
-Cousin Isobel has been warranting feelings that I once only reserved for Mary. I'm glad she's gone to France.
-Way to go Cora for telling Isobel off. Frankly I'm shocked at my character preferences these days.
-Mary and the Dowager Countess' hats in their outdoor scene were phenomenal.
-Branson is bordering on d-bag and needs to cool it! I've seen no recent evidence as to why on earth Lady Sybil should run away with him.
-Edith's telling Mary about Matthew was a very nice moment.
-Mary losing it over Matthew right after Edith tells her was heartbreaking and wonderful.
-Tomas hit it on the nose when he called O'Brien sweet and sour. What's up with her these days?
-Ethel is ridiculous.
-I'm just sayin' it. Matthew's last scene was smokin' and I was squealing w/ my roommate like nobody's business! He looks so svelt and handsome and finally has a jawline! When he started singing I lost my mind and just wanted Mary to run to him!
-Why do they say Richard Car-lyle?
-Soup kitchen, done.
-I've just got to say that overall the feelings that characters are engendering this season versus last are sometimes so starkly different from what they were! I love Mary, Branson's making me furious, Cora is becoming a favorite, O'Brien is just baffleing me,  and Isobel is bugging the crap out of me. Such great writing!

And now a special treat. My journal entry from exactly a year ago:
"Sunday 23 January 2011
PBS posted Downton Abbey so I had to watch it! Oh Anna and Mr. Bates! Brendan Coyle is the most perfect man (bar Russell Crowe) to play the sincere, simple romantic. It makes my heart hurt. Also, Mary is awful and I don't think any amount of personal betterment will convince me that she and Matthew should be together."

Oh how things change! Way to go Mr. Fellowes, way to go!

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