Monday, January 30, 2012

Downton Abbey 2:4

:-: I told you William was going to die!
:-: Matthew's make up was real good, esp the shadows around the eyes, but why did he have a mangled "5" on his right cheek?
:-: As much as I want to dislike Lavinia I don't, except for maybe her too perfect bangs.
:-: Lady Violet working her magic to get William transferred was classic Lady Violet.
:-: Time seems to be a little off...didn't we just finish episode 3 in 1918 and Ethel already has a chubby baby boy by this episode?
:-: I'm glad William did die, for a second I figured they'd have him live to so's Daisy's story gets worse and worse.
:-: Mad props to Mary for taking care of Matthew, catching even a loved one's bile is not at all savory.
:-: As much as I hate Mrs. Bates, I love her voice. It's just so gravely and evil.
:-: Sir Richard is not going to be nice a/b Mary wanting to be with Matthew now that he's bent over backwards to shut up Mrs. Bates.
:-: Bawled my eyes out during the wedding.
:-: Branson is a total d-bag, like a lot. I'm not going to be convinced that Lady Sybil loves him when they inevitably run away together.


  1. I wasn't into the "peer pressure " wedding! Poor Daisy!

  2. Mary is getting better and better! and I love the moment when Lord Grantham notices it.