Monday, January 30, 2012

Barnes & Noble binge

I haven't been in a Barnes & Noble for two years, to the day. The last time I went was for a blind date and we had hot chocolate and there was no book buying involved. Completely unaware at the time that today was my two year B&N anniversary I headed that way after I realized that I couldn't stand reading The Great Gatsby  at the library everyday (bc my BYU card is no longer active). So off I went and got Gatsby and then made the mistake of checking out the bargain books....

Anything Erte must be mine, and Mucha is like my favorite to the max, plus Taschen is like the best publisher ever. Sad story: I have nowhere to put these books, nor do I know when I'll be using them, but now they're mine!! On the way home I thought of all the times I went to B&N with bestie Sarah and always got books and how my bookshelves at home are covered with books I won't have room to store for many many moons. Oh books, how I love thee.

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  1. YES! their bargain books are my my mom's b&n membership which makes everything even more enticing...