Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: Dressing Miss Piggy

I've loved the season of Project Runway All-Stars so far! The challenges have been rather subdued in subject, but awesome in result. All have been to make a dress, so I'm excited to get onto something else so the likes of Mondo can shine with separates, but all in all I've been ever so pleased with the challenges and results.

 Episode 3's challenge was to design a dress for Miss Piggy to wear to the The Muppets premiere. All the designers were losing their minds about getting to meet Miss Piggy and went on and on about what an inspiration she is. At first I thought this was all rather silly, but Miss Piggy might as well be a real person with how popular and influential the Muppets have been. I harkened back to the Esther Williams bit from The Great Muppet Caper and remembered how much I love Miss Piggy and was totally on board!

Gordana is out. She made a shapeless but pretty dress that she thought would set her apart, which it did, but not in a good way. Gordana has always been an amazing sewer, but a second rate and off the mark designer.
While I'm glad to see Gordana go, and am a fan of Mila's asthetic in general she's a little poop when it comes to designing outside of her realm of mod color blocking. Her rationale for this challenge was basically that she wanted Miss Piggy to wear her line, not for her design to reflect Miss Piggy. Miss Mila, miss.
To speak troth I wasn't overly wowed by any of the designs for my taste, but certainly some worked for Miss Piggy. Rami came in second with this little number that while I think is a good Miss Piggy ensemble, I don't think it is so much a red carpet look for her.
Having had said that none were really favorites I know for sure Michael C's (still use the C even though there aren't any other Michaels) wasn't my favorite. They suggested Piggy would style it in pink, but even then I'm not a huge fan. The palette is too "dusty Great Expectations drape" for me. He won of course. He's shown great sewing skill so far despite the accusations during his PR season.

Photos from Second City Style.
Also, haven't been able to find any pictures of Miss Piggy in Michael's dress. She defs wore a white dress w/ red to the premiere!

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