Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wedding Designs Winter 2012

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! My annual "I sketched a lot over Christmas" wedding dress designs, modest but unique and beautiful of course!

I found this dress on Pinterest and thought it'd make a great simple but interesting dress.
I've always loved this Oscar de la Renta dress as a reception dress, so this is my take on it as a wedding gown.
I'm loving the idea of flesh under structures for the illusion of skin w/o showing it so you can still be modest. The top of this look inspired this dress.
Very simple with just a little touch of special.

Modest version of this dress.
 Kind of random but could be very beautiful with tons of lace and chiffon for the skirt.
Very 1910s, you'd need a really swell lace for this with beading and all.
This one got a speck of crud scanned onto the face, but it's my favorite. Raised waist, same sleeve idea as the first. I just think it's so so great.

I had one more design but it didn't get scanned. Anticipation for later!

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