Friday, January 27, 2012

Why I love working in theatre:

:-:You have new friends the first day you work.
:-:You have life long friends by the last day you work.
:-:There is no schadenfreude in theatre, seeing someone else struggle reminds you of your own struggles and vice versa. Everyone helps out.
:-:Watching an audience watch your work is just as great as watching the production.
:-:Actors, technicians, designers are all so different and speak different languages, but everyone's more than willing to translate and teach you.
:-:Some of the bossest people in the world work in theatre, utilikilts come to mind.
:-:Theatre makes beauty.
:-:Theatre is a world on stage for 2 hours. It isn't stop and go like film, you are taken to a new place by living breathing people (actors and others).
:-:Theatre people are some of the most respectful and understanding people around.
:-:Theatre has lots of meetings! I love meetings and collaboration!
:-:Theatre tuckers you out like nobody's business. It leads to the best nights sleep of your life.
:-:Rehearsals are great. I love every stage of them, first read through, blocking, dress rehearsals. I love watching actors grow and experiment through a character.
:-:Wearing black and going backstage makes me feel so important.
:-:Musicals are extra magical and make me cry.
:-:Theatre produces so many types and styles of stories that film doesn't.
:-:There are always attractive, charming people about because that's what actors are paid to be.
:-:Because everyone depends on everyone else you can feel infinitely helpful.
:-:Theatre makes me laugh, backstage, onstage, building costumes, having pie parties. It's always a riot!
:-:Theatre is full of people that watch the movies I watch, like the shows I like and have the interests I have.

(L to R) hemmed those pants, made that vest, made that skirt, made the trim, nothing (sorry Will!), altered that jacket, hemmed those pants (C) USF

I just got done as first hand for the Utah Shakespeare Festival educational tour, costumes designed by Scott Anderson. I got hired back for the summer and fall seasons at USF as a stitcher and dresser. I get to stay in Cedar City with old and new friends for six months! I'm getting so ready to hunker down and put up curtains!

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