Sunday, January 29, 2012

magazine collages

When I was in high school I used to spend entire weekends in my room making artistic messes, working on the portraits that have been highlighted previously, amongst other projects. One of my favorite pieces that I've always wanted to revisit was a collage I did of a Winterhalter painting made entirely of magazine clippings, seen below. From afar it really looks like an oil painting!
my collage, I'd say about 20"x24"
I used a projector to get the outline onto the paper. I'm not against using a projector for a project like this. The whole thing had me shut up in my room collecting colors and cutting and gluing for probably around 20 hrs, which isn't bad at all I think.

Like I said, I've always wanted to pick up this technique again. As I'm between jobs in Cedar City at the moment I might just have time to do so! I've been told if I do collages of the Mormon Temples I might just have a paying market. Of course I'd do a collage of anything for moneys. What d'yall think? Would you/do you know anyone that would buy a collage like this? If you're underwhelmed by the Winterhalter remember that it's been nigh on five years and I'm pretty certain I could pwn that one by now.


  1. Actually, Shelby, I'm a bit flabbergasted by your collage! It's great! I think doing collages like this of temples is a good idea-- I'd use one in my home in a heartbeat if it turned out as good as/better than your Winterhalter.

  2. Might I perhaps anonymously commision you for a collage of Il Duomo as seen from the Belvedere? Do you know Florence?