Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cumberbatch in Star Trek and Sherlock dates

I know I've been gone so I should be very in the mood to blog, but I'm not. I'm rather tired from work and kind of just want to Netflix all night because it's been three days since I've had internet. Heaven forbid. Now I do have interwebs though and I'm very excited about the new January shows!

I'm down at USF building costumes for the educational tour and LOVE being back with theatre people. I don't know that there are many other jobs where you know you'll have immediate friends as soon as you get there. Tour is especially nice in this regard because it's such a small group. I've already made a skirt and took notes for all the fittings today. I love being in fittings. I like being in the loop and I love writing fitting notes. is an article I found on my regular perusal of BBC News' entertainment page.
Benedict Cumberbatch has been announced as a cast member for the second Star Trek movie. He is most likely going to play a villain. Star Trek, Sherlock, The Hobbit. So many opportunities to watch Cumberbatch! I won't pretend his eyebrows aren't too light for his face, or that he doesn't look sort of like an alien fish with his ethereal Sherlock cheekbones, but the man can act and has the most beautiful voice. I'm excited to get to watch him and Zack Quinto for two hours in space. Also in Star Trek is Mickey from Doctor Who. Also also, check out how cute Cumberbatch is via satellite talking about Sherlock with Rebecca Eaton (exec producer of Masterpiece Theatre).
Also also also, Sherlock series 2--May 6-20 on PBS.

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