Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Runway All Stars

A'ight here we go. I'm an avid PR fan. I haven't seen every season as it used to be on Bravo back when my parents only had network TV, but I've been a fan since I could catch marathon's at my sister's during babysitting. PR All Starts aired last night with the 13 most controversial past contestants. You've got--

Michael C
Sweet P

I recognize everyone but Kara and Elisa. In the first episode we learn that the host, mentor and judges will be entirely new. My sister and I texted about this before I'd seen the episode and I told her I'd post my opinion on here. While PR w/o Heidi and Tim Gunn does seem strange the rationale behind this is sound in my opinion. Having an entirely new panel is the only way to get a new and fresh look at the designers. Heidi, Michael, and Nina know the designers well. The new group- Isaac Mizrahi, Georgiana Chapman, Angela Lindvall and Joanna Coles will work just fine. Isaac's like Michael Kors but crazier. Georgiana is the straightforward Nina but Angela as the host is rather awkward and seems to be thinking too hard. Joanna is a girl version of Tim, subdued, deliberate and encouraging. I don't mind the new people.

The episode opened with a fashion show of one piece from each designer. Elisa's was a disaster. She's a disaster. The only other look I took major issue with was Kenley's which was a totally awful Joann's prom contest reject (photo left). Of course Mondo's was a favorite. I'm rooting for him to win it all. He's my favorite, probably from any season.

The challenge was fan favorite "make a look from unconventional materials from the dollar store" and the spin was that it had to coordinate with their first look (not spinny enough for me). Mondo was my favorite of course. Rami also had a great look (the winner). Sweet P's was a disaster but I'm glad Elisa got voted off with her "half a circle story telling piece of art". Of course Mila color blocked, snooze. Anthony's look he brought for the first fashion show was phenomenal. Of course in the runway at the end Gordana over designed, surprise surprise. As of right now the designer's are sticking to their normal guns but Mondo and Rami have definitely expressed their intention to stretch themselves. I'm predicting they'll be in the final two right now.
Rami's winning look, made from shopping bags.

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