Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shelby's childhood room + more

Random post today about random, but hopefully comical and uplifting things.

I'm out of a real job until May. I have a competition Feb 7-12 for my senior show in Ogden so that's what I'm working on right now. After that I plan to stay in Utah until I have nothing left to do then drive home until my next job. A trip up to Boise to see a friend is also an option, time TBA. Today I went into my old hair and make up class to say hi to my Emmy award winning hair professor, making my own introduction as his "favorite natural finger waves!". We got to talking and he's doing a film in the area set in 1939 and mentioned I should be an extra since my hair's perfect, end of February-ish. Extra in a movie because I have fabulous hair? Ok :)

Talking about all my books yesterday made me want to post this picture of my bookshelf at home. I have another that's not as big, but has all my magazines, sketch books and other coffee table books on it. These are the books I didn't take to or buy in college. I have other boxes full of costume, sewing and theatre books I just had to bring to school.

I took the picture of my bookshelf right before I stripped my childhood room of its decorations. These are the closet doors of my formative years. On it you can count 7 Anderson Coopers, 3 Hugh Dancies (5 Burberry ads total), 2 Salinger covers, an article announcing Blair's banning of fox hunting (the negation of an entire historical costume), Steve McQueen, old Twiggy, 2 Vanity Fair and 2 Vogue covers. I was the coolest kid you knew!

And this was the best part about cleaning out my room this summer. Folder labeled "Shelby's Super Awesome Important Papers". What were these papers?

Pictures of David Tennant. I kid you not. I don't remember creating or filling this folder, but I did and am awesome because of it.

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