Monday, January 9, 2012

Downton Abbey 2:1 reflections


My roommate and I started rewatching Downton series one thinking we wouldn't be able to watch the series two premiere until PBS posted it the next day, but lo and behold they posted it on Sunday night! We watched it in the dark of our kitchen and squealed and freaked out and cried the whole time. I couldn't calm down for an hour and it took me another 45 minutes to fall asleep.

Series 2 Episode 1:
handsome handsome Mathew.
:-:Mary still is entirely too narrow and square and has crocodile teeth, but I've liked her more in this episode than any other.
:-: I'm so happy there are so many uniforms. I love WWI uniforms, I love British uniforms, I love British WWI uniforms.
:-:Lord Grantham is my favorite character. Yes Bates is a close second, but he falls on his sword too often and quickly. Lord Grantham is a noble, upstanding and caring boss (as in "he's boss"). He's such a stud.
:-: I want to play with Hugh Bonneville's (Lord Grantham's) hair.
:-: I'm always a little startled by how attracted I am to Matthew considering his chin is almost nonexistant, but his eyes are so blue and his hair just gets better and better. He's been losing weight, his tux is more flattering this season.
:-: Thomas is so so evil, but so so handsome.
:-: I'm confused by O'Brien's relationship with Thomas and Lang. She seems mildly redeemed from last season. Does she have a mother/son or aunt/nephew relationship with Thomas or is she a tragic cougar that will never get her cub?
:-: So happy the chauffeur talked to Sybil, but what's the matter with her? She's always been rather disconnected from the romance of the show, which needs to end.
:-: Bates calling his wife a bitch might have been one of my favorite things ever, even though it's not very nice.
:-: Mrs. Hughes listening to Bates and Mrs. Bates was a good move. I'm glad Lord Grantham knows the sitch, but shouldn't someone tell Anna?
:-: Poor poor Anna.
:-: OF COURSE Mary wouldn't tell Matthew she loves him after she talked to Lavinia.
:-: Edith and the farmer make me furious. She should go drive ambulances and be really useful and not a home wrecker.
:-: Violet and Isobel actually agreed concerning Sybil. War is doing the Dowager good I think. She's a boss.
:-: Ya gotta wonder what the former Earl of Grantham was like to marry Violet and be Robert's father.
:-: Sir Richard seems a lot like Mr. Preston from Wives and Daughters, played by the same actor. I hope he ruins Lavinia so Matthew can be with Mary. I hope Matthew isn't noble enough to stick with her if she is ruined.
:-: Why do I want Mary to be happy all the sudden?
:-: William is going to die. Someone has to.
:-: Freshly styled wigs, I like.
:-: Carson's loyalty to Mary is always endearing.
:-: Pray that Anna's conversation with Mary about never getting over Bates will keep her from accepting Sir Richard. Of course they won't get married, but I don't even want them to get engaged.
:-: Lord Grantham yelling at Bates made me sadder than Matthew asking Mary to take care of Lavinia.
:-:Mosley makes me angry. I certainly wouldn't want to go to war and I feel bad for judging, but he's kind of a coward isn't he?
:-: Lang's a handsome dude, but Bates needs to come back.
dashing men
:-: New maid annoys me, but of course Mr. Fellowes has redeemed her by the end of the episode, mostly.
:-: Did I mention how much I like Lord Grantham?
:-: Lady Cora's way of talking still bugs me.

Here's a fun "likabilty" chart from the Masterpiece website. My feelings towards these characters are much more extreme than the chart of averages.

Great on set photos.


  1. Loved Downton--totally agree with everything--especially Edith.

    My sister's comment was, "Go away, little home wrecker!" before anything actually happened. I cannot wait until next week.

    I agree with your frustration with Bates, and I totally called Sir Richard being exactly like his Wives and Daughters character--blackmailing a naive girl and everything.

    I cannot wait until Next Sunday!

  2. P.S. Supposedly, I am a Bates.

  3. yeah, I took that before I watched the show. I'm Lord Grantham which of course is one of the many reasons why I love him :)

  4. This episode was random...they jammed too much into it. I thought they would cover all of World War I in the first episode at the rate they were going!