Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How did that happen? Fabric trip...

I went to Joann's to get muslin for my Opening Night mock up and came back (after another trip to a different Joann's as well) with s'more fabrics too, all on sale!

The left two were meant for skirts, but I bought the rest of the bolt and 2+yds of 60" wide could probs get me some dresses. I'm really digging the left for a 20s dress and who knows for the middle. I'm also leaning towards a very full gathered and flared skirt for the middle.

And the leopard...it was on sale and it's a stretch and I want my Opening Night dress to be really great, so I'm thinking I'll be making a 2nd mock up out of the leopard. I've always wanted something leopard and figured it'd be a nice pair of ballet flats or a scarf, but we'll see if it's a super sexy party dress, and if I'll actually feel sassy enough to wear it in public...

I've draped the dress, made the pattern, and cut it out of muslin this afternoon, hopefully sew it tomorrow.

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