Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too horrible by half: Nasty plastic, fake leather awful flats

Sorry to the girl at church today who prompted this post, but I HATE man made material flats. HATE them. Yes, when I was a wee one and got my babysitting moneys I ran to Payless and got me some ballet flats, then I got a real paycheck and learned about real shoes; shoes that are made of natural materials. You know you've owned a pair of flats that make your feet sweat and reek. Guess what! That doesn't happen with leather shoes. That doesn't happen with real shoes. In the same category is fake leather boots that are that strange fibery kind of whatever that frays at the top. Fraying leather? That is not ok.

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  1. these are the only shoes I have ever found to be comfortable other than sneakers! Great for people with foot problems