Sunday, February 19, 2012

too horrible by half: scruffy necks.

I really don't think this needs to be explained that much. There is nothing that screams "I take absolute care of myself!" like a sharply trimmed man neck, and nothing worse than one blurrier than Kashmir's eastern border. Buy some clippers, keep your neck trimmed men. It makes more of an impression on women and future employers than you know/think/care to admit. 

You know who has the most consistently sharp neck? Dermot Mulroney. About a quarter of my love for The Family Stone is his impeccably trimmed hair. SO fantastic.

And on the subject of Mr. Mulroney, he's not officially in the silver fox category seeing as he seems to dye his hair (unlike silver foxes Messrs. Cooper and Wilson), but he totally could be if he let what seems to be his natural silver be. I think a petition needs to be gotten together to keep the grey.

also, Dermot w/ grey hair AND a baby.

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  1. He reminds me just a bit of Gregory Peck sometimes.