Sunday, February 5, 2012

Downton Abbey 2:5

:-: I don't trust the new maid.
:-: Did Bates kill Mrs. Bates?!
:-: Matthew's going to walk again: it's an Armistice miracle!
:-: I still don't feel bad for Edith if that's what they were going for with that one.
:-: I totally called that that dude was supposed to be Patrick as soon as they said it was a relative.
:-: Somehow any conversation about the Titanic seems like a hyperbolic joke; "But he drowned on THE TITANIC!!"
:-: Matthew's going to walk and he and Lavinia can be together and Lady Violet's going to tell Matthew that Mary still loves him (duh) and then what? THEN WHAT?!
:-: I'm still confused about O'Brien and Thomas. Friend thinks she's his mom, there's something going on there.
:-:What ailment is Cora going to have? Cancer? It's cancer isn't it? You can't kill Elizabeth McGovern, William yes, but Elizabeth McGovern?
:-: A'ight, war's over November 11, 1918, Treaty of Paris June 28, 1919 (are you impressed yet?)...series goes through New Year's Eve 1919...what's left to happen?
:-: Series finale Bates and Anna finally get together?
:-: Who's going to replace Carson? Will there end up being a need to replace him? If Mary marries Carlyle this series had better go as far as The Forsyte Saga so he can die or divorce like 10 years from now.
:-: Really superb make up on the Patrick impersonator.
:-: Lord Grantham's black tie was very dashing, changing times!!!!
:-: How dare Isobel presume that she can say whether or not Downton remains in service.
:-: Looks like Branson's going to get his way. Still not convinced they should be together, but the under the car shots in his shirt sleeves were very much appreciated.

Stay tuned! I have a Downton treat for all of you tomorrow!


  1. Holy Cow O'Brien!!!

  2. what's left to happen-the Spanish Influenza epidemic that a lot of people die from, I bet that's what Cora gets. And me and my mom freaked out when Matthew was being pushed by Bates and seemed like he was getting the feeling back in his legs. I got the first season on reserve at my local library so I can catch up, I never saw season one!