Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscars: First Response

Real quick rundown. Keep in mind that I know a lot of people are cynical about the Oscars, but I eat them the F up and wait all year for them.

:-: THAT'S how you host the Oscars. Thank you Billy Crystal, well done, well done. Kept the momentum, the jokes were funny but not preachy and you wrapped it up like a champ. Reminded why I love When Harry Met Sally.
:-: I could watch Jean Dujardin make faces all day. I'm sure when I actually see The Artist  I'll absolutely die the whole time.
:-: Boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch was shown for like a second (remind me to tell you about the dream I had where Benedict Cumberbatch was my boyfriend and I called him "Ben").
:-: Cirque, you are da bomb, seriously.
:-: Will Farrell and Zamch Galdfskljfdsoijsda with cymbals is a win, always. Awkward trophy girl, also a win.
:-: Great year for speeches, nothing overly dramatic or political (Except for Best Foreign and Best Doc, which was necessary and appreciated). Best speeches: the editors that decided to just leave, Octavia Spencer, Christopher Plummer, Jean Dujardin, and Meryl Streep.
:-: MERYL STREEP! I love how real she is. She wears reading glasses, she knows she's never going to win again, she thanks her husband first. She's a classy lady.
:-: Orchestra in the boxes, um yes.
:-: Loved the set, so nostalgic and great.
:-: I love how Edith Head was the highlight of the costume design presentation when she mostly designed modern films, not period, and The Artist won, probs because it was in black and white, when Edith Head won all but two Oscars for black and white films. I bet she's laughing it up.
:-: Tina Fey makes my heart smile.
:-: Angelina Jolie does not.
:-: Jonah Hill makes my face smile.
:-: There's no part of me that doesn't smile when I see Colin Firth in a tuxedo.

Fashion entries to come, don't you fret!


  1. I agree with everything but Billy Crystal-he was trying too too hard and it fell flat. And what was up with the first montage? If you're going to do an Oscars movie montage, give me some Rhett Butler

  2. So did you find it absolutely absurd how in every single shot of Angelina Jolie she had her leg poking awkwardly out of the slit in her dress? It was laughable. I'm anxious to see how you felt about Berenice Bejo's gown. I loved it, but I'm reading mixed reviews.