Sunday, February 12, 2012

Downton Abbey 2:6

:-: BLERG!!!
:-:SUCH a heavy episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~!!!!!~!!!!!!!@@!
:-: I knew about Grantham and Jane. It was the one spoiler I stumbled upon in my not careful enough avoidance of spoilers. Grantham of course is on a slightly lower pedestal, but he did the honorable thing..?
:-: Matthew was just speaking out of grief at the funeral, he's fo' sho' not ok w/ Mary marrying Carlyle.
:-: Mixed mixed feelings about Thomas and O'Brien. Downton isn't Downton w/o Thomas so I guess I'm glad he's footmanly again.
:-: Carlyle is going to flip soon.
:-: Christmas episode next week!!!!!
:-: I really can't type out responses to this episode, there was SO much, but it all just seems too obvious!!!
:-: Still not convinced of Branson, but it's happening, so there you go.
:-: I actually want Edith to be happy now.
:-: Bates' hair is getting long.
:-: Glad to see Grantham and Thomas in suits, nice suits.
:-: I don't want to see Ethel again.
:-: Lavinia's last black evening gown is everything I love about obscure pre-1920 fashion. 

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