Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Most awkward and/or worst kisses

Here's a list my friends and I have been compiling, starting with Persuasion 2007, the originator of this topic. Mind that some of these aren't bad kisses, the circumstances leading up to them might just be a tad to very uncomfortable. A second installment might be in the works.

Persuasion (2007). The kiss at the end after Anne's been running is just painful. She's been running all over Bath and has the thick, stringy runner's spit we all love so much, Wentworth doesn't lean down far enough to close their foot gap in height leaving Anne to stretch like a baby bird (but really, after waiting 8 1/2 years for Anne I think Wentworth is justified). Start around 2:45 in the video.

Little Women (1994). The proposal. The kiss isn't bad in general, but they've worked up quite the rippin' spit umbilical around 1:12.

Cecil Vyse ladies and gentlemen.
A Room With A View (1985). Cecil asking to kiss Lucy and the resulting meeting of lips has got to be THE most awkward and uncomfortable kiss ever filmed. Good one Daniel Day-Lewis.

he shut his eyes like 6" before this
Emma (1996; Kate Beckinsale). Following the "I held you in my arms when you were three weeks old" comment that works in the book, but should never actually be spoken aloud, Mark Strong closes his eyes too soon and for the next 5 seconds we're left to wonder if he can seal the deal with her still a foot away.

one of my favorite kisses actually
Northanger Abbey (2007): NOT A BAD KISS. Henry and Catherine's kiss into the arbor at the end of this one is so awkward and lovely. The pent up passion and glee is just too fun to watch as it manifests itself as the couple's first very awkward but lovely kiss.

slamming so much snot into his face
Jane Eyre  (2005): The proposal. I've heard this kiss described as "real" before and I'll give you that I guess, but I can't ignore how much snot Ruth Wilson has built up before this kiss.


  1. Totally agree about Persuasion. And the Little Women one kind of grosses me out.

  2. Entirely agreed with all of the above, especially numero uno. Ooooooooh I cringe just thinking about it.