Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project: Opening Night Dress: Mock Up

Threw together the mock up for the Opening Night dress today. I draped it on an 8 form which has my bust and waist measurements. I added 1" of length to the torso and used my skirt sloper to add to the hips and trace the right shape (I say shape when I mean straight line from waist to hip). Knowing my shoulders are slanted I fit the mock up w/o them seamed. I thought about calling someone savvy ab fitting and driving up to Provo, but then didn't feel like it.

Front bodice and front strap
Back Bodice
skirts (accidently cut at waist before I thought through lengthening torso)
self gusseted sleeve from sloper
B/W so you can't see my underwears!

I fit most of it in the mirror then had my sister take pictures for a better look. I didn't set the sleeve since I knew the shoulders would change. I'm pretty gosh darn proud of my draping and patterning for this one. I'm also happy I'm so similar to an 8. The bust is perfect. Like I thought the shoulders are off, the torso needs another 3/4" or so in length and there are a couple spots that need tension released. I'm not sure what to do about my high left hip though. In skirt patterns I add 3/4" to the right waist, but I'm not sure what to do w/ an empire waist. I don't have my books with me so any suggestions would be appreciated. I might just move onto the leopard print tomorrow! Although I need a lining for it since this is not a facing situation.

Every girl that wears straight dresses take note: there ARE NOT wrinkles across my hips. This means the dress FITS. Also, when I sit it doesn't sprint 4" above my knees. This means it FITS. Novel idea right?

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  1. Love it so far! I wish I could commission you to make one like it for me.