Thursday, February 16, 2012

too horrible by half: sag butt

not as bad as it could be, but saggy...
yes please :)
 It goes without saying that I hate saggy man pants, like the kind from Clueless. This is a no brainer. A little less offensive, but still a tragic condition in pants is just a slight sag butt. I have no butt and so must work harder to find pants that don't make my butt real saggy. I prefer Gap jeans always by now in curvy cut (for my hips). Men's Gap jeans are also awesome.
In men's ballet tights are pulled up super high, then the waistband is rolled over an elastic belt and pulled up again to define their cheeks. Yes, this is extreme for everyday but the idea of avoiding mono-butt holds. Let's all try to find jeans that make our butts look amazing. I don't acknowledge leggings as pants so they don't count and frankly fall into the ballet tights cheek definition category that shouldn't be seen except for on stage. Mostly this is about my wanting to see more guys with great backsides.

Here's a tip for both sexes: if you're finding yourself a little saggy do as the ballet dancers do and pull your pants up a titch, not a ton, just a little and you should see a vast improvement.

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  1. Just looked at my butt. It's saggy. I'm so sorry, Shelby.