Friday, February 3, 2012

Project: New Opening Night Dress

I'm SO tired! I've been getting ready for ACTF all week and am exhausted. I'm not really that in the mood to blog, but I remembered I haven't told you about the new dress I'm going to make for opening night! I found this hot little number on Modcloth.
I didn't go to the opening night party for USF last summer seeing as I left the next morning, but now I realize that opening night parties are kind of a big and fun deal and a chance to get spruced up, which is my favorite.

This dress is stretch poly/nylon, but I'm going to make it pretty structured and not like a sausage casing like it's meant to be. I've already draped it, need to make and true the pattern. Of course the neck's going to be a big higher and I'm gonna make it with elbow length sleeves.

Get me my spanks and some pearls and I'm good to go! The goal is to make the actresses look like crap.

Now I just need a dress for the crossover party between summer and fall and the fall opening party.

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  1. I will agree- sometimes the actresses look like crap- because they've bought something super-ill fitting off the rack! I can't wait to see hwo this project turns out!