Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars: Fashion: The Men

Tom Hanks. Tom Freakin' Hanks. Could this get any better? Amazing shawl collar, double breasted, perfect pocket square, wonderful bow tie, spot on cuff length, and the shaping. THE SHAPING. He looks absolutely stunning in this tux. If you watched pre-game on ABC you saw him walking around back stage and this tuxedo is just the bee's knees. I can't pick a best dressed woman, but he wins for men, followed closely by Mr. Firth.
It's the year of the shawl collar, and I love it (influence of 1920s that are on fire since The Artist and Downton). Firth's got the single breasted tuxedo down. I just can't not smile when I see Mr. Firth. Highlight of the show. Goes to show that the best men own/rent more than one tuxedo and Messrs. Hanks and Firth really think about what they're going to wear, or their wives do (I pretend the men care).
Christopher Plummer. You   work   that   velvet. I've said before, if you veer away from traditional black tie you'd better do it in a classy way. I'd say a velvet dinner jacket with braid piping works in a big way.
 James Earl Jones, shawl collar, black waistcoat. I'd only change his collar to a turn down (do I need to remind you that wing collars are only for white ties?). It's just really nice and age appropriate and classy.
Bret McKenzie. Way to go. I just can't say enough for the shawl collars this year.

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