Friday, December 9, 2011

Austenland movie

I wanted to make sure you know that Jerusha Hess is making the book Austenland by Shannon Hale into a movie. Yes, Jerusha Hess of Jared Hess fame. Yes Austenland the only non-Austen Austen fiction I've ever actually dared to read, and LOVED!

Austenland is about a woman who inherits a trip to an Austen-themed resort from her aunt as an attempt to fulfill her Austen dreams and wean her from her Colin Firth Mr. Darcy Pride and Prejudice addiction. Of course there is romance and all. Keri Russell plays Jane Hayes the heroine and JJ Feild (!!!) plays Mr. Henry Nobley, the Darcy character (he literally plays the Darcy character at the resort). I'm a little concerned that the costume and hair and make up designers have only done contemporary work, but that's just film. Here's hoping I won't have cause to die over the production elements.
you know him as Mr. Tilney
I shy away, and/or reject the Austen fan genre of "what happened to the Darcy daughters", "what was Mr. Darcy's side",  "Jane Austen: detective" because I've found I kind of barf in my mouth when modern authors try to write Austen dialogue, BUT I liked Austenland, probably because it's not supposed to be real Austen characters. The idea is that it's all an act to give you the experience, so I forgive any overdone dialogue, which I'm sure there was, but seeing as I can't remember being particularly offended it couldn't have been that bad.

What does get me about the whole people traveling back in time, or being placed in a different time (Lost in Austen), is that these women who are supposedly obsessed with these books and movies are somehow shocked at the way life is in Regency England and are absolutely indecorous and completely baffled by men standing up when they enter or exit a room, don't get that they need to wear gloves to a ball, can't talk to someone until they're introduced etc. Again, as in my previous entry I realize that this is to further the plot by creating issues, but I for sure would make a smashing Regency lady, but then again I like to embroider and would love time to actually draw and paint and sew and do my hair all nice and wear stays.

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