Saturday, December 3, 2011

W.E. trailer and American accents

W.E. trailer! Looks absolutely stunning. The woman who plays Mrs. Simpson is English, but her American accent seems fine. I've found it interesting that when a British person doesn't do an American accent particularly well (David Tennant) it ends up sounding dated, like from the 30s or 40s, which is perfect for this movie. But Ms. Riseborough does a fine job from what I can see. She's just a waif of a thing and tall which makes her perfect for the clothes.

Speaking of bad American accents, I love David Tennant to bits, but he stinks at an American accent. In modern America it's just laughable.
But if we take it back about 80 years somehow it's ok...
And lest we forget that David Tennant is Scottish and a snappy dresser...(we'll talk about the show's he's on later).

The best American accenters? Hugh Laurie and Kate Winslet, hands down.

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