Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Santas

 I've been watching quite a few Hallmark movies recently and I gotta tell ya, there are some terrible Santa Clauses. Cheap costumes, bad wigs, awful beards, you name it. The thing with Santa is that he has  a white beard and white fur. If you get the whites wrong it just looks terrible. It's also hard to reinvent the wheel so Santa's suit can be hard to reinvent, but the quality of velvet (velvet is a must) needs to be good and the hat can't be ridiculous. Also, no shoulder-length hair, that's the worst thing I've been seeing recently. Gross. Good Santas? Tim Allen, Edward Asner and Edmund Gwenn.
My all time favorite Santa Claus for looks is Tim Allen, from The Santa Clause movies. He has absolutely amazing hair and make up. His beard is a good length and just curly enough and I love his short hair! He's got rosy rosy cheeks and his costumes are fantastic, from him red union suit with Slavic suspenders to his suit in amazing velvet with lots of details sewn on and a really nice belt and leather mittens (I love his mittens). I also like the stages of Santa in these movies and he by far has the most casual Santa ensembles.
love the beard and hair
the sweater!
I mean come on, so great!
Edward Asner is from Elf and probably has the best sleigh of any Santa I've seen. He's also bald and has the same union suit look as Tim Allen's Santa. He's older of course, and some think he's kind of a meany, but I think he looks jolly and it's nice that his bowl of jelly belly looks like it might be all his. He has my favorite suspenders.
Edmund Gwenn of course is Kris Kringle form Miracle on 34th Street. The movie's not in color so I can't speak too accurately to the beard/fur coordination but it looks like if it were in color I wouldn't like it, but he's just such a nice Santa with a short beard and a very simple but classic suit. He doesn't really have too much of a tummy, but he's great all the same.
so cute
If you want to discuss Santa suits sans Santa I'd have to put a plug in for the Finale costumes from White Christmas. I just can't pass up velvet with glitz!
Edith Head being a boss.

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  1. Edmund Gwenn will always be my favorite Santa. I <3 Miracle on 34th Street.