Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking forward to January

With January comes the return of my stories (House, New Girl, Bones, Once Upon a Time, Castle) but also the premieres of other shows I'm excited about!!

30 Rock!!!January 12th YAY! I've watched 30 Rock off and on since it started, but spent about 2 weeks watching it all on Netflix this fall and I'm excited to have it back! Tina Fey, my idol, is back with a well deserved post baby tummy and James Marsden as Liz Lemon's boyfriend. Avery is still in North Korea. TGS is starting mid-season since its January, I bet the writers didn't see Kim Jung Il dying coming. Wouldn't it be BOSS if they reworked the whole season around Kim Junk Un not liking Avery and sending her home?

Downton Abbey, starting January 8th and going for a TWO MONTHS, get EXCITED!!! It's already aired in the UK and some friends have seen it already and died over the second series. Of course the Christmas episode has aired already as well, and it's been slated for a 3rd series. The BBC reported that some say the plots are getting rather ridiculous leading to some criticism, but do I care? No, as long as Mary gets what's coming to her, and Sybil gets the Irish chauffeur, and Bates and Anna get together.

Project Runway All Stars (Jan 5th) on Lifetime. I just want more Mondo, and more PR since last season was THE WORST, worse than the L.A. season. I mean it was BAD. I avoided blogging about it bc the ranting that would have been produced would probably have given me ulcers.

24 Hour Catwalk, (Jan 10th) also on Lifetime. Designers have 24 hours and a team of professional stitchers to make a collection. I don't know who any of the judges are and the commercials look totally spazzy, but I'm excited to see the stitchers do their thing.

Awake on NBC with Jason Isaacs. Ok, so NBC won't say when this one's airing, just Coming Soon, and Jason Isaacs uses an American accent, and this show might prevent more seasons of Case Histories but I can still be excited about it. Also, has B.D. Wong ever played anything other than a psychiatrist? Oh yeah, he was Shang in Mulan.

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