Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding dress horseshoes

While doing my recent collection search entry I happened upon this wedding dress which has a horseshoe sewn into the hem. I thought that was kind of odd bc it didn't register as a horseshoe in my mind, but put two and two together when I found this dress, which also had a horseshoe. Of course I looked this up and it's a bridal tradition to sew a horseshoe into the hem of your wedding dress for good luck. Isn't that a nice little tradition? I read something that a whole horseshoe used to be used, but it has since been reduced to a manageable size. I searched the other dresses for horseshoes, but to no avail, which doesn't necessarily mean they don't have them.
1941, made from curtains bc of fabric rationing!
1969 worsted wool, mildly in love
horseshoe w/ something blue

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