Thursday, December 22, 2011

Born Yesterday

Instead of going to bed I ended up watching the last hour of Born Yesterday (1950) with William Holden and Judy Holliday on TCM last night. I'd heard of it but had never seen it before and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Paul is hired to educate Harry's, a junk tycoon's, uncouth lover Billie. Of course Billie's got the most grating voice, but Paul is patient and they bond over the constitution and Tom Paine. Billie's eagerness to learn is endearing and by the end of it they're both wearing tortoise shell glasses. William Holden was absolutely wonderful and their chemistry and comic timing was honestly some of the best I've seen between two actors. It was absolutely wonderful. Billie's wardrobe was just to die for as was Paul's delicious Brylcreemed 'do.

so handsome
glasses, and shoes (his)
the glasses! the GLASSES!
I'm baffled to this day why Sabrina picks Bogart over Holden, I mean really! I would pick Harrison Ford of course...although Greg Kinnear has aged remarkably better than Ford...


  1. You never saw the version with Melanie Griffith and John Goodman? I watched that a few times growing up. I didn't know it was a remake of an older movie.