Tuesday, December 20, 2011

trendi: Suspenders

Suspenders are in. Men wear them, women wear them (but shouldn't unless they're flat as a board), guys at church think they're being cute when they buy a pair of clip ons. So, what do I think of suspenders? I love them, worn correctly.
dumb dumb gross no
 Clip on suspenders are the equivalent of clip on ties and pre-tied bowties: lazy and juvenile.  Suspenders are a classic part of menswear. They hold up your pants first and foremost. Clip ons are for show and are no good. Button tab or nothing. Yes, you may have to have suspender buttons sewn in, boo hoo. I will sew them in for you, just so you have them! Clip ons are disgusting.
you better believe Bond's braces are white
Suspenders done correctly are so classy and sexy. I love movies with men in white tie when their white suspenders can be seen. White suspenders always for tuxedos. Paisley suspenders are always classic with a brown neutral suit. Suspenders sans suit coat can be done, but carefully.
suspender buttons spaced incorrectly
spacing perfection
Bottom line is do them right or not at all. Don't trust celebrities in clip ons, they don't know what they're doing. You better believe the classiest guys you know wear button tab to hold up their pants.
a thousand times yes.

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